Colonial Girl with American Flag
Made in USA
#302 Buzz Saw~One of the most popular American folk toys of all time. Alternately relax and tighten the tension on the wound string to watch the buzz saw work.
#303 Cup & Ball Toss Toy (colorful)~ Classic wooden toss toy, dating back to colonial America.

#304  Cup & Ball Toss T0y(natural)~ Our popular natural version of this bestseller.
#306 Climbing Bear~This classic toy taught 'milking a cow' motions as the bear climbs
the rope.
#307 Children's Tool Set~ One of our most popular toy sets for boys.  Features a wooden mallet, chisel, saw, cedar pencil and carrying bag.
#301-C Jacob's Ladder (colorful)~ Smaller version of this bestseller  for little hands.   Features colorful ribbons.
#301  Jacob's Ladder (Natural)~ Popular since the days of colonial America. The blocks appear to tumble one over the other in perpetual motion.
Natural Jacob's Ladder
Colorful Jacob's Ladder
Buzz Saw
Colorful Cup & Ball
Natural Cup & Ball
Climbing Bear
Children's Tool Set
Bull Roarer
Wooden YO YO
Little Fish Toss Toy
#305 Slingshot~Favorite 'catapult' American folk toy. Packaged with target for safe play.
# 312 Natural YO-YO~ Colonial and Victorian children alike enjoyed this American pastime.
Includes basic instructions for several yo-yo tricks.
# 311 Bull Roarer~ Traditional whirling 'whizzer'.  Swing in the air to listen for the sound of an angry bull.

# 313 Little Fish Toss Toy~ Traditional early American toss toy.  Swing the fish in the air and catch it
on the rod.
# 319-A Signal Whistle~ Early American children played with whistles, imitating the battle action of war, or
life on a
sailing ship.
# 317-B Colorful Spinning Tops~ Individually packaged colorful, lathe-turned spinning tops. Includes history and top games.
Signal Whistle
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# 319-B Rev. War Signal Whistle~ During the Rev. War, signal whistles played an important role in signaling commands. Ours includes typical whistle signals and information.
Revolutionary Signal Whistle
# 344-Balero ~ Traditional Catch-and -Toss Toy.  Swing the ball in an arc and try to catch it on the end of the peg or on either cup.