Colonial Girl with American Flag
Made in USA
Cotton Spindle only
Drop Spindle only
My First Drop Spindle
Beginning Weaving Projects
Peg Loom Project Book
Colonial Loom
Homestead Peg Loom
Bag of Sheep's Fleece
Bag of Cotton Roving
Weaving Songs and Games
Peg Loom Kit
Wooden Weaving Doll
Wool Drop Spindle Set
Cotton Spindle Set
E Z Weaver
# 604 Drop Spindle only

# 605 Bag of Sheep's Fleece

# 608 Bag of Cotton Roving

# 603 Wool Drop Spindle Set~Learn to hand spin wool just as the early colonists did.  Includes combed and carded wool roving.

# 607 Cotton Spindle only

# 606 Cotton Spindle Set~ Spin cotton into thread with this smaller hand spindle. Includes cotton roving and directions.

  # 617 Beginning Weaving Projects~  excellent companion for our My First Weaving Loom and
Colonial Loom.
# 649 My First Drop Spindle~Learn to spin wool into yarn. Designed for little hands this set is appropriate for ages 7 and up. Easy picture instructions and wool roving.

# 643-A Peg Loom Kit~ Assemble your own peg loom!
Includes directions, jumbo yarn and weaving stick.

# 616 My First Weaving Loom~ Designed for the younger hands. Complete with larger print instructions, and colorful yarn.

My First Weaving Loom
# 633 E-Z Weaver~ Learn to weave with this sturdy weaving card kit, including weaving needle, yarn and instructions.

# 615 Colonial Loom~
Designed for young adults and older to learn the basics of frame-loom weaving. Includes weaving instructions, utensils, & yarn.

  # 638 Wooden Weaving Doll~ Wrap yarn around the doll until it is dressed. Unwrap and rewrap for other patterns.

  # 643-A Homestead Peg Loom~ Excellent basic introduction to weaving.  Includes instructions, utensils, and jumbo yarn for faster weaving.

# 646 Peg Loom Project Book~ Learn the basics of peg loom weaving with this easy-to-follow instruction book.

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Treasure Bead Necklace Kit
  # 640 Treasure Bead Necklace Kit~
features colorful treasure beads, lacing, and instructions.
Makes two necklaces.

Collonial Girl Weaving on Peg Loom
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  # 620 Weaving Songs & Games~brought to the new world from England, Scotland,
and Ireland.