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My First Knitting Set
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# 613 Spool Knitter~ Popular old-tyme craft that produces a knitted cord.  Includes spool, yarn,
and instructions. 

# 619 My First Crochet Set~ Our beginning crochet set includes a polished, wooden crochet hook, directions,
and colorful yarn.

# 601 Lucet~Make a single-strand braided cord with this early American craft tool.  Includes detailed instructions and yarn.

# 618-A Knitting Needles~one set of high quality wooden knitting needles. 

# 618 My First Knitting Set~ Learn the basics of knitting.  Includes easy instructions, wooden needles and colorful yarn.

# 622 Ring Knitter~ An early American craft activity.  Includes small wooden ring, yarn, lifting tool, and complete directions.

# 623 Sewing Cards~ Our historically-based set of sewing cards includes 5 designs, lacing yarn,
and directions.

# 627-B Child's First Sampler~ a beginning kit for younger children.  Includes cloth, needle, floss and directions.

# 621 My First Tatting Kit~Learn to make lace edgings the old-fashioned way with a tatting shuttle.  Includes shuttle, instruction, and cotton pearl.

# 624 Beginning Quilt Kit~ Includes materials to make a pillow, doll blanket, and pot holder. Excellent starter kit.

# 625 Button Lover's Set~
Includes button projects, games, crafts, and a colorful assortment of
standard buttons.

626~Book only

# 627 All-American Sampler~ Classic, counted cross-stitch kit.  Used in early America to teach sewing.
Includes cloth, needle, floss, graph and instructions.
# 636 Cross-Stitch Bookmark~ Excellent beginner's cross-stitch kit.

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