Large ABC Hornbook
Hornbook Set
Make Your Own Goose Quill Pen
Cedar Pencils
ABC Hornbook
Early American School Set
Schoolhouse Chalkboard Set
Colonial Girl with American Flag
Made in USA
Ox-Yoke Puzzle
Buttonhole Puzzle
Classic Metal Puzzles
Tangled Heart Puzzle
Shuttle Puzzle
#401 ABC Hornbook~Replica of ABC Hornbook as used in early American schools. Features a typical lesson sheet.
#401-L ~ Large version of the ABC Hornbook as used in early American Schools.  Features typical lesson sheet. 

#402 The ABC Hornbook in America~Traces the history and use of the hornbook in early American schools.  Includes a facsimile of a hornbook to cut out.

#402-S Hornbook Set~ Pairing of our popular book with its own replica hornbook.
#403 Battledore~ Sturdy replica of an early American battledore. The battledore replaced the hornbook in this country and became a 'fold-out' reading book for children.

#406 Schoolhouse Chalkboard Set~ Features 5x7 chalkboard, chalk, eraser, and booklet of 11 popular 19th century games. 
#406-B Chalkboard only

#407 Make Your Own Goose Quill~Make your own goose quill, as used in early American schools. Includes history and 2 recipes for ink.

#408 Early American School Set~Set of 4 unvarnished cedar pencils and 6" wooden ruler.
#409 Cedar Pencils~ Set of 5 authentic, unvarnished
cedar pencils.  Hand-rolled in a parchment history sheet.
#410 Mother Goose Collection~Classic collection of mother goose rhymes.

#504 Ox-Yoke Puzzle~ The best known of all historical 'switch-over' puzzles. Move one ring to the other side without untying it.
Mother Goose Collection
#501 Shuttle Puzzle~ Traditional 'hop-over' wooden puzzle.  Try to get the three marbles to 'switch' sides with each other.
#512 Tangled Heart Puzzle~ Popular wooden folk puzzle.  Separate the cord with the bead from the wooden heart. Solution included.

#506 Buttonhole Puzzle-Dates back to the Civil War era. Get the ring and cord off the puzzle.

#508 Classic Metal Puzzles~Assortment of metal 'untangle' puzzles.  Packaged individually with directions.
Early American Education
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#502  TRIANGLE PUZZLE~ New version of an old-time classic.  Try to jump pegs, one at a time, until only one peg remains.

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