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Traditional Hand Fan
Children's Tea Parties Book
Children's Card Games Book
Jump Rope Rhymes and Games
#901 Children's Manners & Morals~ Bestselling 32 page illustrated book featuring manners from the period of the 1700's and 1800's.  Includes table and classroom manners plus courting and writing etiquette. 

# 908 Hand Fan~Our traditional wooden hand fan includes fan history as well as many of the secret fan signals that were used to communicate affections or intentions.

# 211 Children's Card Games~ Includes rules for 12 historical card games such as Author, concentration, My Ship Sails, and war. Includes fun facts and history of card playing. 32 pages

#906 Children's Tea Parties~Popular book featuring historical tea party planning.  Includes manners, decorations, place settings, and recipes for tea and baked goods.

# 109 Jump Rope Games~ Contains 18 historical jump rope rhymes and games.  Featured selections such as "Suzy Doozy", "Miss Mary Mack", "I'm a Little Dutch Girl", and more. 20 pages

# 626 Button Lover's Book~ Do you remember playing with buttons as a child?  Includes button games, crafts, projects, and collecting information. History included. 32 pages.

# 402 ABC Hornbook in America~ Traces use of the hornbook in early American schools. Includes facsimile of hornbook to
cut out. 

Children's Manners & Morals
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  Pocket Books
# 311 Manners & Morals for Young Children~ (Based on George Washington's Rules of Civilized and Decent Behavior)--  Offers Washington's entire 110 rules for proper etiquette.

BK#502 Youthful Recreations---This book recreates one published  around 1850 with favorite games and pastimes that were popular well beyond the turn-of-the century.    30 pages.

BK#501 Goody Two-Shoes---Believed to be the earliest known children's story in English.  It is thought to have been written by Oliver Goldsmith and published in 1765.