Colonial Girl with American Flag
Made in USA
Native American
Games & Crafts
#NA-8 Indian Fire Drill~ Primitive tool used to drill holes in wood, stone, or to make jewelry.
Features safe-to-use blunt wood tip on drill for pretend play.
#NA-5 Medicine Pouch Kit~ Popular Native American craft. Contains pre-punched felt, fringe, lacing and instructions for one
small pouch.

#NA-2 Spirit Song Book~ Songs for the Native American Flute selected from many tribes.  Includes notated melodies & tablature instructions.
Native American Cornhusk Doll Kit
Dreamcatcher Kit
God's Eye Kit
Canoe Kit
Native American Bull Roarer
Tepee Kit
Medicine Pouch Kit
Tomahawk Kit
Corncob Dart Game
Native American Rock Painting Kit
Web Weaving
Native American Bead Ring Kit
Indian Fire Drill
Spirit Wind Song Book
# NA-3 Tomahawk Kit~ Popular craft includes notched hardwood handle, wooden blade, suede
lace and history. 
#NA-4 Bead Ring Kit~ Crafted bead rings, a favorite children's activity.  Includes materials for 3 bead rings and history.

#NA-6 Web Weaving~Native American string weaving similar to cat's cradle game.  Includes directions and thick durable cordage.
#NA-7 God's Eye Kit~ Recreate southwestern Indian ceremonial shields, using yarn and dowels.  Makes 2 God's eyes.
#NA-10 Dreamcatcher Kit~ Based on Native American folklore.  Makes one traditional dreamcatcher with beads and feathers included.
#NA-9 Canoe Kit~This easy kit is one of our most popular Native American crafts.  Features pre-punched suede, lacing, seat, base and painting instructions.
#NA-11 Tepee Kit~Easy-to-make model tepee.  Includes all materials to make one tepee, along with painting directions.
#NA-14 Arrowheads~Stone arrowheads, each packaged with
history card.
#NA-13 Corncob Dart Game~ Fun Native American Game.  Hang the rope from a tree and toss the corncob feather through it. Includes one rope ring and two darts.
#707 Native American Cornhusk Doll~Contains real cornhusks and genuine horsehair to make one traditional doll.
#NA-15 Native American Bull Roarer~ Traditional Native American noise-making toy.  Swing the paddle in a circular motion over your head to hear the noise of an angry bull.
#NA-16 Native American Rock Painting~Recreate the rock paintings of the Native Americans. Includes river rocks, paints, brush, history, directions and illustrations.
Girl with Medicine Pouch Kit
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Princess Pocahontas Necklace Kit
#NA-20 Princess Pocahontas Necklace Kit~ Our Pocahontas Necklace kit symbolizes the blending of the old world and native cultures, a joining of woodland beads and English treasure.  Makes 1 colorful wooden bead and pendant necklace.  Beads vary.