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Easy to Make Doll Book
Automobiles of Yesterday
Children's Manners & Morals
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Children's Toys and Fashions
Home Sweet Home
Toys & Games from Times Past
Mother Goose Collections
Fun, Sports & Pastimes
# 101 Toys & Games From Times Past~ Alphabetical collection of nostalgic games such as Cup & Ball, Cat's Cradle, Draughts, Marbles, Nine Pins,
Quoits and more. 
# 104 Fun, Sports, & Pastimes~ Detailed organized games, sports and pastimes in the colonial and Victorian eras. Features such activities as baseball, golf, tennis,
horsemanship, etc. 
# 410 An American Mother Goose Collection~collection of Mother Goose rhymes based on the memories of Elizabeth Goose, the daughter of one of the Mayflower voyagers.
Peg Loom Projects Book
Peg Loom Projects BookPeg Loom Projects BookPeg Loom Projects Book
Peg Loom Projects Book
# 709 Easy-to-Make Folk Dolls~ This classic book shows how to make 12 folk dolls such as the cornhusk doll, handkerchief doll, spoon doll and many more.
  # 646 Peg Loom Projects Book~
Designed as a basic projects book for our early
American pegloom.
Learn the basics of pegloom weaving with this easy to follow book.  
# 901 Children's Manners & Morals~ Offers excerpts from early American etiquette manuals, describing acceptable behavior of the time.
# SBH-601 Single Book Holder~ single book display stand.
# 102 Automobiles of Yesterday~ Vintage reproduction of 1904 automobile manual. Features nostalgic illustrations.
   # 101 Home Sweet Home~ Collection of poems written by Jane Post during the 17th century.  Includes excerpts from
McGuffey reader. 
  # 314 Children's Toys & Fashions ~ contains excerpts & original pricing from many of the very first mail-order catalogs
in this country. 
Nostalgic Books
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Toys & Games from Times Past
# 103 Courting Customs in America~Offers selected excerpts and illustrations from period courting and etizuette guides and manuals.  Includes features such as bundling and the language of flowers. 
Children's Tea Parties
  # 106 Victorian Ghost Stories~
The victorians in America were very involved with scientific thought of the day, nevertheless many 'ghost' writers managed to excite the minds with 'other-worldly' tales. 
Easy to Make Doll Book
#107 Nostalgic Crossword Puzzles~ This collection of puzzles dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries and includes solutions.  In those days a mail request for solutions was required.
# 108 The American Outhouse Memories~the American outhouse has long been the source of humor and folklore.  Features history, tidbits, trivia, stories, and humor.
# 105 Folk Medicine & Remedies~
Colorful collection of natural remedies & folk cures that were amazingly efficient and often humorous 'cures' such as teas, ointments, tonics, salves, & poultices.
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