Made in USA
Colonial Girl with American Flag
Nine Pins
Jr. Pick-up Sticks
Cat's Cradle
Put & Take
Large Pick-up Sticks
Table Top Quoits
Juggling Set
Wooden Dominoes
Children's Card Game Set
Wooden Dice
#206  Dice~Traditional wooden dice game package. Includes 3 wooden dice and instructions for 7 historical dice games.

#212 Table-Top Quoits~ Classic American Folk Game Similar to horseshoes.  Includes base, 2 wooden rings, and complete rules.
#202-B Jr. Pick-up Sticks~ Smaller version of the traditional game.  Features colorful sticks enclosed in a wooden box with a sliding lid.  Rules included.

#203 Tic-Tac-Toe~ Traditional 'Three-in-a-row' game played by both young and old. Includes wooden base, 2 sets of marbles, and rules.

#204 Put & Take~ Traditional Early American game of chance.  Includes dreidel, colorful game tokens, complete history and instructions.

#202 Pick-up Sticks~ Traditional version of a classic game, featuring square and round sticks.  Includes game bag and scoring rules.

#205 Cat's Cradle~ Learn to 'weave' cat's cradle and other traditional string games.  Includes jumbo yarn and complete instructions with illustrations.

#208 Nine Pins~Table-top version of this traditional game.  Includes 10 wooden pins, wooden ball, carrying bag, and game rules.

#207 Juggling Set- Classic centuries-old game.
Beginning set with soft, easy-to-catch balls, carrying bag and basic instructions.

#210 Children's Card Game Set- Learn the history and rules of such games as "Old Maid", "Crazy Eight", and many more. Set includes Children's Card Game Book and standard card deck.

#211 Children's Card Games~
Book only.

#209 Wooden Dominoes~ Complete set of 28 double-six wooden dominoes with traditional playing rules, all contained in a wooden box with a sliding lid.  Rules included.

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#215    Early American Playing Cards~ This deck of Early American Playing Cards includes 52 colorful reproduction playing cards, copied after authentic cards of Early America.  The backs of the cards are blank as was common for card decks during this time.
(Includes history of playing card.)