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#703-CW Civil War Clothespin Doll Kit--The Clothespin Doll was  a staple in the Civil War-era.  Our exclusive kit includes instructions  and materials to make 1 Union  and 1 Confederate soldier, with their respective battle flags.

#206-CW Civil War Dice games--Traditional wooden dice game package.  Includes 3 wooden dice and detailed rules for seven easy-to-play Civil War-era historical dice games.
#208-Wooden Dominoes--Complete set of double-six dominoes with traditional playing rules, all contained in a wooden box with a  sliding lid.    A  popular Civil War campfire game.

#209-Nine Pins Bowling--Play outdoors or indoors .  An  extra bowling pin is included for playing the Civil War game of 10 pins.  Includes cloth carrying bag and rules for play.

#303-CW Civil War Cup and Ball Toss Toy--Popular folk toy of the Civil War-era.  In those days, children often painted the cup and ball in Civil War flag or uniform colors.

#319-CW Civil War Signal Whistle--During the Civil War, not every unit had a trained bugler at hand.  Signal Whistles were then used,  when vocal commands were not effective.  Includes  examples of typical  whistle signals.

#407-CW  Make Your Own Goose Quill  Pen--Make a quill pen, as used by the soldiers during the Civil War.   Includes recipes for berry ink and walnut ink and directions to fashion the goose quill into a pen.

#506-CW Civil War Cinch Puzzle--This American Civil War-era puzzle was so named because it resembled the cinch  blocks used to tighten the tent ropes.  Solution included.

#702-CW  Civil War  Handkerchief Doll Kit--Handkerchief dolls were popular during the Civil War-era.  Our  historical kit contains materials to make and ‘lace’ one traditional doll.

#710-CW  Civil War Plantation Doll Kit-- these dolls were often made for the children living on the plantation to role play.  This kit makes one black folk doll and one white folk doll.

#814 Civil War Drumsticks--Drummers played an important role during the Civil War, signaling various commands to  soldiers. Our Civil War Drumsticks package includes  solid wood drumsticks and detailed history card.

#818-CW   Civil War Harmonica--Popular instrument  found around most Civil War campfires. Includes history, basic instructions and simple tunes.
#819-JCW Civil War  Jaw Harp--The jaw harp was also very popular around Civil War campfires. Includes history and playing instructions.

#1001 Civil War  Recipes--Historical sampling of Civil War-era recipes, gathered from soldiers’ diaries and other period sources.  Illustrated with etchings of the time.  32  pages.
#104-CW Civil War Clay Marbles--Traditional set of clay marbles hand-rolled. Packaged with game bag and period marbles games rules.  Includes 12 clay marbles and 1  clay marble shooter.
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