Clay Marbles
Marble Shooter
Trundling Hoop n Roll
Lil' Graces
Outdoor Quoits
Early American Hornbook Game
Hand Propeller
Jump Rope Set
Classic Jacks
Glass Marbles
Hornbook Battledore & Shuttlecock
Colonial Girl with American Flag
Toys & Games from Times Past Book
Outdoor Toys
   #102 GRACES~ Historical two-player game.          Includes four 18-inch wands and two ribbon-tied    hardwood hoops, complete instructions and history.
   #102-B Lil' Graces~Smaller version of this
historical game, designed for smaller hands.
#101 TOYS & GAMES FROM TIMES PAST~   Collection of old-time toys & games such as cat's cradle, cup&ball,  marbles, nine pins, and more.  Features nostalgic illustrations.  32 pages.

#103 Early American Hornbook Game
Colonial version of badminton. Features hornbook lesson sheet on paddles.  Includes 2 paddles, corkball, history sheet and gamecard. 
Made in USA
Fun, Sports & Pastimes
Clay Marbles~ Traditional
hand-rolled clay marbles.
Includes game bag, historical games, 12 marbles & 1 shooter.
#105 Trundling Hoop & Roll
Popular historical game. Keep the hoop rolling with the 'trundling' T-stick. History and directions included.

#106 Hopscotch~ Favorite children's game for centuries.
Includes 2 chalksticks, 5 game
pucks, cloth bag and games.
# 107 Fivestones~ Colonial wooden version of jacks.
Includes 5 wooden jacks "stones", cloth game bag, 2 balls, history & game rules.
#108 "Ring the Hob" Quoits~
Colonial version of outdoor ring toss.
Includes wooden peg base, two rope rings and historical playing rules.
#109 Jump Rope Games~Popular early American jump rope set.  Includes one six foot jump rope with wooden handles and book with games.

#110 Jump Rope Book~ Assortment of popular jump rope rhymes & games.
#111 Marbles~ Traditional children's game. Our glass marble set includes 30 glass marbles, 2 shooters, cloth game bag & rules for classic marble games.

#112 Classic Jacks~ Our historical game set includes 12 metal jacks, cloth game bag, 2 balls and 5
traditional games. 
#113 Marble Shooter~Classic American folk toy, with pull and shoot action for accurate shooting.  Includes instructions and four colorful marbles.
#115 Hand Propeller~ World's oldest flying machine,made in the USA. Complete history and directions included.
#117 Hornbook Battledore & Shuttlecock~Standard early American 'bat the cork feather shuttlecock' back and forth. Includes 2 wooden paddles, shuttlecock, historical game rules and rhymes.
#119 Fun, Sports & Pastimes~Book featuring colonial and Victorian games and pastimes.
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Boy with Hoop & Roll
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#104-C   COLORFUL CLAY MARBLES~ Set of colorful hand-rolled  clay marbles.  Includes 12 clay marbles in assorted colors  and 1 clay shooter.

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